Metsä Group has selected key partners for the pre-engineering project for Muoto™ packaging factory

Metsä Group’s pre-engineering project for a potential commercial-scale Muoto™ fibre product plant is progressing as planned. After the pre-engineering phase, Metsä Group may consider making an investment decision. The partners selected for the pre-engineering project are Elomatic, SRV, Valmet Technologies and A-insinöörit Suunnittelu.

SRV will act as project management contractor for the construction project and will also be the engineering design partner for the building services. Elomatic has been selected as the main design partner for the design of the factory structure and facilities and will assist in the cost planning and construction schedule. Valmet will act as process engineer for the fibre product in the project. A-insinöörit Suunnittelu Ltd has been selected as the plant construction design partner for the project.

“In this project, we are scaling up operations from a pilot plant to industrial scale and designing the workplace of the future. It is a completely new product and operating model, and we have chosen partners whose vision and experience will best support the progress of the project,” says Veli-Pekka Kyllönen, Project Director of Metsä Group’s innovation company Metsä Spring.

Wood-based Muoto products are an alternative to plastic packaging. Made from renewable raw materials and recyclable, Muoto™ packaging is suitable for use in takeaway trays, berry boxes, packaging trays or composite packaging, for example. The technology used to manufacture Muoto products converts wet fibre pulp into three-dimensional packaging without any intermediate steps. In addition to being easy to mould into different shapes, Muoto is lightweight, strong, and recyclable and ready to be shipped to end customers as such.

The pre-engineering of the factory  is expected to be completed in early 2025. The potential factory would be built on the company’s mill site in Rauma, Finland.

For further information, please contact:

Veli-Pekka Kyllönen, project director, Metsä Spring, tel. +358  504005292

Jarkko Tuominen, VP projects, Metsä Spring, puh. +358 407787328